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Showreel CLIPs

ian leese - producer director

Islands of the Pacific
ITV  2022
Art That Made Us
BBC2  2022
The Cameron Years
BBC1  2019
Joanna  Lumley and the Human Swan
ITV   2021
BBC2   2018
The Art of Scandinavia
BBC4   2016
Islands of Australia
ITV   2017
Secrets of the Mona Lisa
BBC2   2015
The Art of Gothic : Britain's Midnight Hour
BBC4   2014
Great American Love Songs
ITV1 2015
How to Get Ahead at the Baroque Court
BBC4 2014
The Queen : A Passion for Horses
BBC1 2013
The High Art of the Low Countries
BBC4 2013
Heritage! The Battle for Britain's Past
BBC4 2012
The Art of America
BBC4 2011
The Queen's Palaces
BBC1 2011
Martin Clunes : Horsepower
ITV1 2010
Joanna Lumley : Catwoman
ITV1 2009
Martin Clunes : A Man and his Dogs
ITV1    2008
Empire's Children
Channel 4  2007
Who Do You Think You Are?
BBC1    2007
Not Forgotten
Channel 4    2005
Dan Cruickshank's Marvels of the Modern Age
BBC2    2006
Who Do You Think You Are?
BBC2    2004
Fascinatin' Rhythm : The Story of Tap
BBC2   2001
Omnibus : Nigel Hawthorne
BBC1   1999
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