With a long track record in Specialist Factual - arts and history especially - I’ve produced and directed films on many subjects for a range of audiences, from primetime BBC1 and ITV ratings winners to critically successful BBC4 essays.  My work has included biographical profiles for the flagship BBC Arts strand Omnibus; one of the highest rated films for the first award winning series of Who Do You Think You Are?; three ratings winning series exploring man’s extraordinary relationship with domestic animals; films for several of Andrew Graham Dixon’s acclaimed BBC Art of… series exploring the history and identity of nations through their art; extensive directing work on Civilisations, the BBC's most ambitious landmark art history series of recent years.

I’ve worked with a wide range of excellent presenters, including acclaimed authorities and popular personalities, from Andrew Graham-Dixon, David Olusoga, Simon Schama, Dan Cruickshank and Ian Hislop to Martin Clunes, Joanna Lumley, Clare Balding and Fiona Bruce. In 2013 I negotiated exclusive access to film the Queen in private for a biographical one-off. 

I’ve also made presenterless films, both biographies and essays. 

No matter who the audience, I believe films should always be intriguing yet clear, rich in content, visually fresh and creative, but above all, well-crafted stories.

Islands of America
ITV / PBS   2018

Martin Clunes explores a different side to the USA we think we know, through its astonishingly diverse islands: from Hawaii to the islands of Alaska, from Louisiana bayous to Puerto Rico to the sea islands of New England 

BBC2 / PBS   2018

Inspired by Kenneth Clark’s landmark 1969 series, this epic, big budget version explores the history of the world’s civilisations and their encounters through great art. Presenters: Simon Schama, Mary Beard, David Olusoga 

spectacular and intelligent” – The Guardian

an educative extravaganza” – FT

Lord Reith would be proud of this epic BBC reboot for the 21st C” – Telegraph

Islands of Australia
ITV1 / Channel 7 Australia   2017

Colourful Primetime series that follows actor/broadcaster Martin Clunes as he journeys round the islands of Australia, exploring both their incredible diversity of cultures and wildlife, their history and the fascinating connections between them

Finalist, Best Factual Series, Australia's SAE Atom Awards 2018 

The Art of Scandinavia
BBC4   2016

Andrew Graham-Dixon explores the history of Scandinavia through its art. I directed episode 1 which focuses on Norway, exploring the links between landscape, climate and national character, from the Vikings to Munch’s The Scream

Authoritative ... a gripping watch” – Independent

Secrets of the Mona Lisa
BBC2   2015

High profile investigative special into new revelations about the Mona Lisa. Presented by Andrew Graham-Dixon, the film uncovered new evidence about the painting that made international headlines.

Impressive programme making” – Telegraph

Powerful, insightful stuff” – Independent

Shortlisted for Best Arts Documentary Grierson 2016

Perspectives: Great American Love Songs
ITV1   2015

Broadcaster & songwriter Nicky Campbell explores the world of 1920s & '30s New York, and the musical Golden Age it produced: how influences from Broadway musicals and Yiddish Theatre to Harlem jazz were expressed through the music of Rodgers & Hart, George Gershwin, Fats Waller, Cole Porter and Frank Sinatra

Glorious” – Radio Times


The Art of Gothic : Britain's Midnight Hour
BBC4   2014

Andrew Graham-Dixon explores three centuries of Gothic revival in art, architecture & literature: from garden follies to Frankenstein, Pugin to popular culture it crystallized the radical and unspeakable. I directed episodes one (Georgian beginnings) and two (the Victorian age)

Compelling” – Telegraph


How to Get Ahead at the Baroque Court
BBC4   2013

A how-to survival guide to life at the court of Louis XIV. Through the art and culture of 17th century Versailles, Stephen Smith draws a witty portrait of the absolute monarch and how those around him thrived


The Queen : A Passion for Horses
BBC1   2013

Clare Balding presents a Coronation anniversary special exploring the Queen’s love of all things equestrian, with exclusive access as we see her breeding, training, racing and riding horses at age 87


The High Art of the Low Countries
BBC4   2013

Through art, Andrew Graham-Dixon tells the story of the lands reclaimed from the sea. I made episode 1, focusing on the Flemish Renaissance (Van Eyck, Bosch, Bruegel) and episode 2, about the Dutch Golden Age (Rembrandt, Vermeer, Hals)

The very exemplar of art-history documentaries” – Radio Times


Heritage! The Battle for Britain's Past
BBC4   2012

A spirited tale of Britain’s Heritage, from Stonehenge to stately homes to steelworks: how did we end up with what we have? Who decided what to save – and what got lost along the way?

One of the most important BBC offerings of the year” - Telegraph


Long Lost Family
ITV1 2012

RTS award winning series reuniting long estranged family members


The Art of America
BBC4   2011

Andrew Graham-Dixon explores the history of America through its art. Episode 3 takes in Pop Art to Minimalism, photography to post-9/11: from Andy Warhol to Jeff Koons, from Nan Goldin to The Simpsons


The Queen's Palaces
BBC1   2011

Fiona Bruce tells the story of Britain’s key royal palaces through their architecture & art. I made Episode 1 on Buckingham Palace, and Episode 2 on Windsor Castle


The House that Made Me
Channel 4   2010

Actor Sanjeev Bhaskar revisits his childhood home to unravel his formative experiences, and remembers the big events that shaped his life


Martin Clunes : Horsepower
ITV1   2010

Martin Clunes journeys to Mongolia, the Wild West and the Arabian Desert to explore the story of the horse and how it helped to forge human civilisation as we know it


Joanna Lumley : Catwoman
ITV1   2009

Joanna Lumley journeys to Egypt, Namibia, Japan and America to find out how humans developed a love-hate relationship with cats: worshipped as gods, tortured as demons, now our intimate companion


Martin Clunes : A Man and his Dogs
ITV1   2008

Martin Clunes journeys to Australia, America and Africa to learn how the fearsome wolf evolved into man’s best friend - and to explore the rich and complex relationship between humans and dogs


Who Do You Think You Are?
BBC1   2007

Broadcaster Esther Rantzen unearths her ancestral past to find an eccentric killer, a Victorian diamond multimillionaire and a link - via London’s East End - to Russian occupied 19th century Warsaw


Empire's Children
Channel 4   2007

British-born actress Shobna Gulati retraces her family’s footsteps back to Bombay and the Punjab, to learn how the breakup of the British Empire impacted on them and why they ended up in the UK


Big Ideas that Changed the World
Channel 5   2006

Egalitarianism: the Rev Jesse Jackson presents a film on the meaning, history and modern relevance of the Civil Rights movement. He recalls his relationship with Martin Luther King, and his bid for the US Presidential candidacy


Dan Cruickshank's Marvels of the Modern Age
BBC2   2006

What’s the future for Modernism? Is it really dead, or can it help us save the planet? Dan journeys to Dubai, Shanghai, LA and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to explore the architecture of tomorrow


Not Forgotten
Channel 4   2005

Ian Hislop presents this series examining how WW1 changed British society forever. He meets ordinary people who discover the role their ancestors – both men and women – played during and after the Great War. I directed Episode 3, focussing on the role of women, and Episode 4, focussing on the soldiers who survived and the aftermath


Who Do You Think You Are? 
BBC1   2004

The first of this landmark celebrity genealogy series: this film follows newsreader Moira Stuart as she retraces her ancestry to Scotland, Victorian London, and slave era West Indies. 

Series Indie award & BAFTA nominated 2005


Lost Buildings of Britain
Channel 4 / Discovery USA   2004

Simon Thurley (former Chief Executive of English Heritage) brings back to life Glastonbury Abbey and Nottingham Castle, using surviving archaeological clues, investigative architectural experiments, reconstructive stunts and CGI


BBC3   2003

Acclaimed stylish magazine series hunts down the world’s best in contemporary architecture and design


Art Crime
BBC2 / A&E USA   2003

Dramatised documentary thrillers telling the detective stories behind extraordinary real life art heists, filmed in the UK, New York, Germany and Egypt.  “Hidden camera” style contemporary drama reconstruction


Sense and Sensation
BBC4   2002

Historian John Brewer journeys back to 18th century London, to discover why the modern arts world – with all its controversies – has a lot to thank the Georgians for. Extensive period drama reconstruction


Fascinatin' Rhythm : The Story of Tap
BBC2   2001

The story of tap from its controversial roots (Europe versus Africa), through the Cotton Club, Fred and Ginger, Shirley Temple and Bojangles, to hiphop, rap and modern fusion.

Selected for International Festival of Films on Art, Montreal 2002


Nancy Mitford : The Big Tease
BBC1   2001

Accompanying a major BBC serialization of Love in a Cold Climate, this profile of novelist Nancy Mitford asks: was she the ultimate aristocratic snob, or a subversive wit who ultimately betrayed her class?


Omnibus : Nigel Hawthorne
BBC1   1999

A profile of Oscar-nominated actor Sir Nigel Hawthorne, as he draws on “The Madness of King George” – and a return to his South African childhood – to play King Lear in Tokyo


Omnibus : Julie Walters
BBC1   1999

A profile of Oscar-nominated actress Julie Walters: Julie retraces the roots of her comedy - and grim realism - in a journey leading back to the Black Country, and her mother’s Irish childhood home